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The Unstarving Musician

The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast features interviews with indie music artists an industry pros who share their experience and expertise on songwriting, recording, touring, getting gigs, marketing, and much more. It’s all intended to help indie artists to more of what they love–make music.

Sep 29, 2023

Garry Peterson is a founding member and drummer of The Guess Who. Garry has been making music for over six decades. Garry also performed with Bachman Turner Overdrive, during their support of the Van Halen 5150 Tour, a show I attended long ago. He has to his credit fifteen albums that have charted on the Billboard 200, fourteen singles that have charted on Billboard’s Top 40, including two #1’s, three Gold Singles, and three Gold Albums as certified by RIAA.


Garry plays drums on their new album Plein D' Amour and plans to record on the next Guess Who album. He still tours with the band, which promoted me to tell him that he is practically a Rolling Stone. He reminded me that he his music career started around the same time as The Stones. We discuss his long career, the new Guess Who album, the band history, his drum gear, facts versus fiction about The Guess Who, Garry's advice to young players, and more.


I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Garry. He is such a nice guy. We experienced some connectivity issues that resulted in a slightly lower audio quality than I strive to provide you with, but I'm confident that you will still get a great deal of enjoyment and value from our conversation.


Hear the new album by The Guess Who at and music services everywhere. Here is me talking with Garry Peterson of The Guess Who.

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