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The Unstarving Musician

The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast features interviews with indie music artists an industry pros who share their experience and expertise on songwriting, recording, touring, getting gigs, marketing, and much more. It’s all intended to help indie artists to more of what they love–make music.

Oct 25, 2019

Chris Coles is the Founder of Musicians Unite, a community born out of the desire to support musicians of all ages, styles and skill levels together to help one another achieve their goals. Not only is it a group for musicians to share their challenges and successes, but it’s a place for them to learn from each other as well.

Chris is an avid drummer and percussionist. He holds a B.S. in Music Education and has played in groups ranging from funk to orchestra, rock to jazz and everything in between. Chris is passionate about supporting musicians to achieve their dreams, as well as crafting a community that listens to and implements the needs of its members.

In this episode we talk about overcoming burnout, being vs. doing, and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Episode Highlights

We start by discussing how Musicians Unite was born and go on to discuss:

  • Creating the community you wish you had
  • Burnout that led to a multi-year break
  • What’s up next for the Musicians Unite community
  • The importance of networking with other musicians
  • Making the process fun above all

Key Points

  • Listen to your membership. Build the product your members want in the format they prefer.
  • Connect with the right musicians who meet your goals.
  • Focus on what you can control.

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