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The Unstarving Musician

The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast features interviews with indie music artists an industry pros who share their experience and expertise on songwriting, recording, touring, getting gigs, marketing, and much more. It’s all intended to help indie artists to more of what they love–make music.

Jun 25, 2021

Peter Rand co-writer of New Gods Part 2

Peter Rand is the co-writer of my latest release New Gods Part 2. He is also a two time offender on the podcast, first appearing in episode 177.

Hear New Gods Part 2

Peter is a member of the collaboration platform Kompoz having contributed over 800 tracks. When I signed up for Kompoz last year, his track New Gods was among the first I heard. At that time it was keyboards only. I contributed a drum track via Kompoz and eventually asked Peter if we could create a private collaboration to be published by yours truly. He agreed and New Gods Part 2 was born.

In this Interview

Peter and I talk about the early stages of New Gods Part 2, the contributions made by bassist Steve Strom, guitarist/audio engineer Chris Raspante and myself, the evolution of the cover art and more. We also discuss my thoughts on releasing early demos exclusively for Robonzo Insiders.

Please enjoy my conversation with Peter Rand.

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