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The Unstarving Musician

The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast features interviews with indie music artists an industry pros who share their experience and expertise on songwriting, recording, touring, getting gigs, marketing, and much more. It’s all intended to help indie artists to more of what they love–make music.

Aug 14, 2020

Michael Walker

Meet musician-turned-entrepreneur Michael Walker, Founder of Modern Musician. His team's mission is to help other musicians supercharge their fan base and career. And Michael doesn't just talk the talk. He's tested the same grassroots techniques and three core principles that Modern Musician teaches. These techniques allow musicians to achieve sustainable success, and also helped Michael's band Paradise Fears make waves on the alternative charts of iTunes.

Michael and I discuss his music career, Paradise Fears, why and when artists come to Modern Musician for help, the process of identifying the ideal client profile, details on Modern Musician’s core principles and techniques, and much more. Michael also gives an impromptu live performance from his home studio.

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