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The Unstarving Musician

The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast features interviews with indie music artists an industry pros who share their experience and expertise on songwriting, recording, touring, getting gigs, marketing, and much more. It’s all intended to help indie artists to more of what they love–make music.

Aug 31, 2018

Lisa Sanders, Singer Songwriter, Shiver, Indie Label, Indie Mindset, House Concerts

Lisa Sanders was once signed with an indie label, which gave her the gift of an indie mindset. Her latest release Shiver is her eighth CD.  She's worked alongside The Truckee Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Rait, Al Green, BB King, and Babyface among others. Our conversation covers the San Diego music scene, touring, the thought process behind her career decisions, tips for fellow artists, her good friend and musical companion Brown Sugar, working to help the homeless, and more.

Her music is as soulful and delightful as her personality. Please enjoy.

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